About Gemini Web Development

Gemini Web Development was originally started in 1998 as Gemini Productions in San Antonio, Texas.  We changed our name to Gemini Web Development in 2001 to better reflect the nature of our business. We've made web sites for small and some medium businesses and have been contracted by other web design firms to do speciality programming on several projects involving Perl, Classic ASP, ASP.NET and PHP. We work with customers in San Antonio and in different cities and states across the USA.

Being a small company, Gemini Web Development strives to win loyal clients by building what clients want and performing reliable update services for a reasonable price. We can provide web design, web progamming, web hosting and email as well as performing content updates on a timely basis.

Call us today for an appointment at 210 647-3936. After consulting with you about the specifications of your project, Gemini Web Development will provide a contract with a written estimate, complete with component cost analysis, completion schedule, hosting service, maintenance terms and the ability to use our customer service area. We won't start on your project until you agree with our estimate and pay a small downpayment. You don't pay the balance until you are satisfied with our work. After that we offer discount incentives for clients who pay their bills in a timely manner.

Again, give us a call at 210 647-3936

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