Thursday, September 2, 2010

Ecommerce Solution for Online Payments.
Tired of Paypal?
Affordable Merchant Accounts!

Do you need a web site with a shopping cart to sell products online?
Gemini Web Development has a complete package for a powerful ecommerce web site. The package includes hosting, email, shared ssl, shopping cart software and free applications for a real merchant account and payment gateway services. Our E-Commerce Package is only $60 per month + setup starting at $120. Call us for details at 210-647-7619.

What if I just need to take online credit card payments?
You can now have a real Payment Gateway and Merchant Account with no monthly statement fees, monthly minimums or account statement fees. Say good-bye to Paypal.
  • You can have a flexible payment gateway and a merchant account to take credit card payments on the web with none of the hassles with the "P" service.
  • You can take credit card payments and receive more in the bank with an incredible offer. No monthly gateway fees, account or statement fees. All you pay is a per-transaction fee and competitive discount fee. You will make more money and your payments arrive directly into your bank account.
This is perfect  for new merchants!
Less expensive than other payment options.
If you want to start taking credit card payments or upgrade to a real merchant account, please call us at 210 647-3936 for details.