Saturday, February 1, 2014

Invisible Web Form Protection

Over multiple deployments and 3 years, our form spam killing system has hit and blocked hundreds of junk form submissions with no false alarms and less than a handful of misses while good submissions always get through. We have fine tuned the system and have gathered a lot of data. With this information we are taking spam detection to a new level.
Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Killing Spam Submissions on Web Contact Forms

Gemini Web Development is working on a tool to keep annoying spam submissions from being sent from your favorite web form. The most common method to prevent form spam is CAPTCHA. You have no doubt had to enter a series of characters seen in an image to successfully submit a form. No doubt CAPTCHA works, but can frustrate human users as well as spam robots. The more effective images are not readable and may need to be refreshed multiple times by a human user. Simple CAPTCHA images are easy to read, so easy that they have been rendered ineffective by spammers using automatic optical character recognition techniques.  We are working on a different method. All I'm going to say is that has been quite successful to this point.
Thursday, June 16, 2011

Creating a Facebook Business Page is Easy

Does your business have a facebook page? It is easy to get started. Just create a personal facebook page and then you can create as many business or organization pages as you want. There are great applications to add functionality and facebook has a great way to communicate on your page wall. What you post depends on your business. The variations are endless.

Gemini Web Development can help you get started on Facebook, create a profile image, give advice on filling out your profile and put "Like" buttons and badges on your web site. Facebook and social media are here to stay. Your competition may already be there. Don't be left behind.